2022: quite a year

I have hardly had a moment to stop and think this intensive year, I heard it called ‘the year of rapids’. It has certainly felt like I was on one of those white water rafts, holding on tight half the time and enjoying the experience the other.

Some of the many things I have done this year include:

  • Publishing and launching The Secret Life of Clutter
  • Press, podcast and radio interviews to promote the book
  • Rebranding the business and rebuilding the website
  • Completing my research project “Those naughty things: a dialogical study of clutter and order at home and work”, along with all the coursework for my MSc in Psychotherapy.
  • Running The Clutter Shift, and my Getting Clear workshops.

All on top of assisting some of you wonderful people who got in touch with me to declutter this year. There has certainly been a lot of clutter shifted and a lot of space created.

Have made made a short video showing my top highlights, if you’d like to watch it.


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