Why clutter doesn’t sell

Talk to any estate agent, interior designer, Feng Shui expert or marketing consultant and they’ll all tell you: aspiration sells. The number one strategy for motivating people to buy something is to inspire them.

If your property is over-full and messy, you’re making it very difficult for prospective buyers to see what you’re selling – and more importantly, imagine themselves living a dreamy new life in your space. Clutter conceals, distracts and puts people off = zero inspiration.

Make the most of the value you have

What a shame to invest in bricks and mortar for all those years without seeing a return on your investment! And regardless of how beautiful or unusual your home might be, it’s simply too hard for potential owners to get a sense of its value if it’s obscured beneath lots of STUFF.
If you have a very cluttered space, then even an empty run down property may have more worth than yours, because it can entice buyers who are ready to take on a project and make a place their own.

Why you should take an honest look around and declutter BEFORE you move:

  • Clutter is depressing and uninspiring. Even the most visionary of house hunters will struggle to picture themselves chilling in your airy lounge if they can’t actually see it under piles of dusty clutter. You want them to fall in love.
  • Why do you want to take everything with you? Stop and think … What’s stopping you from having a thorough clear-out? Do you still really need it ALL?
  • It costs time and money to pack and unpack lots of possessions. Having a thorough clear-out before you move gives you much less to worry about at the other end. You might even make some cash from selling unwanted stuff!
  • Moving house is a time of change – a fresh phase in your life. Consider whether you need to take every scrap of the past along with you. It can be exciting and revitalising to start anew with just your most useful and treasured possessions, especially if you are downsizing.

Believe me, I understand just how paralysing a home full of clutter can be. My clients often say: I just don’t know where to start! But when it comes to your property, if you’re stuck in your clutter and can’t move forward, then the property often won’t shift either.

Struggling to get started? Here’s a helping hand.

I really wanted to come up with a simple way of helping as many people as possible transform their home into a place they can show off with pride.
So, I took everything I’ve learned from years working 1-to-1 with people in their homes and packed it all into one magical box called the Home Declutter Kit.
If you don’t know where to begin, the kit can guide you through an easy-to-follow method for clearing every kind of clutter imaginable. It’s the fast-track-in-a-box to creating a calm, ordered home that’s simply a wonderful place to be. Learn more, take my decluttering quiz or buy your kit at www.homedeclutterkit.com


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