About Helen Sanderson
About Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson,

The Clutter Therapist

Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson, MSc MBACP, known as The Clutter Therapist, is a psychotherapist, interior designer and the UK’s leading expert on the psychology of clutter, appearing regularly on TV, radio and podcasts. Her book, The Secret Life of Clutter, has been described as ‘a love letter to clarity’.

Based in London, Helen offers her premium one to one services all over the UK and runs an on online programme The Clutter Shift which attracts people from around the world.

Helen helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes and live more mindful and meaningful lives. She works with her clients holistically to uncover what their homes reveal about their psychology and what is blocking them from letting go and moving on.

Her ethos is to work with compassion, and to empower people to take action to support change. This leads to life-changing shifts, which leave people with a new-found clarity, and homes they love, that love them back.

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Helen founded interior design studio Ministry of Calm and describes working on the sacred space for a Marie Curie hospice as one of her peak experiences.

Alongside her understanding of how our homes reflect our psyches and expertise transforming cluttered homes, Helen brings the insights of a practising psychotherapist, and Voice Dialogue and Enneagram coach. She also draws on her extensive studies of Jungian ideas, spirituality and personal development. This brings an intuitive ability to sense what needs to shift in both the person and their space. She continues to study today and is currently on the psychodynamic therapy doctoral programme at the University of Exeter, where she is researching the relationship between clutter and depth psychology.

Helen works with her clients to help them uncover the wisdom of their unconscious and then with a compassionate mindset, take positive action to clear blocks that stand in their way. This leads to life-changing shifts, which leave people with a new-found clarity and homes that work better on a practical, emotional and spiritual level. The powerful truths she has uncovered through this work and reveals in her book The Secret Life of Clutter can inform and inspire anyone who wants to build a better relationship with the place they live.

Company details: Ministry of Calm Ltd T/A Helen Sanderson. Registered in England and Wales, registered company number 15189536. Registered address: 5 Commercial Road, Shepton Mallet, England, BA4 5BU.

the secret life of clutter

The insights revealed in my book will help you understand some of the factors that may be sabotaging your efforts to make more space. It will inspire you to take action and create a home that you love, a home that reflects who you are and the life you want to live.