Dreaming of a Calm Space : a client’s experience of decluttering

I’m delighted to share this funny and moving blog-poem from one of my beloved clients, published as part of APDO’s involvement with National Spring Cleaning Week. Please comment and let me know what you think.

Dreaming of Calm

In the twilight of the early morn
Through the ticks and the tocks …
I’m Space, dreaming
Of Calm
I’m nervously excited as the clock strikes 5!

My plan (before Helen arrives) is to arrange the Bag for Life’s on the sofa
Find the edges of the table
Cram some more things in the back room … lock the door and “lose the key!”
Where is the key?
The door doesn’t have a key … it doesn’t have a lock!!!
S*** !!! or SUGAR…(family blog)

Look at the time!
The school bus picks up my son
I pick up the … just leave it Becs
Will she look around EVERY room?
My heart beats in time with the theme from Jaws
It’s twenty past … 10 mins to go
Da Dum
Da Dum
Da Dum
Ding Dong!

Oh Buddha!
What have I done?
She walks in, as I stumble over the shoes I painstakingly put in a row in the hallway. (I had to find all the pairs first!)
She looks around
Even upstairs … I can’t breathe
Like an estate agent on Homes under the hammer… not giving anything away.
She’s not phased or horrified
She want’s to find out about me, my life … what I want.
I’m crying inside my heart … tears trickle to my soul
She gets me … she understands
She gives me “homework” and a plan
We can start next week!

‘By the way’
…she asks
‘Does anyone sit in the sofa?’
How does she know?

‘Do you need the sofa?’
Well yes … but no … but … but …

By the time she’s driven down the road… the local charity have said they will pick it up next week.
There’s magic in the air Cinders!

The First room
So the alarm goes at 5.30am
Half an hour extra for good behaviour
Did I not tell you …
I have already sorted out the books in the Front Room
I know!!!
Helen gave me the start I needed
Two big … I mean
No, ginormous bags of books.
I have taken from the shelves, with these very fair hands!!!
Am I proud or what!!!
So yes, 5.30am today..
… I still have to make a path through to the kitchen.

She’s here!
I’m like a prefect
Standing to attention … to show off my list of good deeds.

We check in.
I share my homework.
So Relieved and proud as I have already cleared one room!

She smiles kindly
And we start …

No stone unturned
Behind the armchair
In the cupboard
Under the armchair
Is placed under the microscope … and explored
recycle, memory, rubbish, keep?
I worry nervously … but plough on
Helen the pace maker … the trainer … pushing for the finishing line

More bags
More bags
I am stripped bare
Yet I don’t feel exposed
We are in theatre at a crucial point of the operation
‘More tea?’
As we cut away the … excess
We move the TV from in front of the fireplace
Why didn’t I think of that?
Take out old computer table
Stitch up the …
Everything spills onto the floor
I let them …
(take a breath)

Ordered books
Ready for the conception of a New life

Windows opened
Space freed
The flow begins

Good job Coach
We high 5


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