For decluttering, real beats online every time

It’s a big day for me, my Kickstarter campaign to fund my Home Declutter Kit went live this weekend. (As some of you know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to help you launch your creative project.)

It’s been my dream to produce a simple decluttering tool with some beautiful imagery to help more people find a way to create more harmony in their home. The images are beautiful and uplifting and help to engage both sides of the brain so that people can be fully present in the decluttering process. A process that leads to procrastination and avoidance in many!

Why not go virtual?

Of course creating a box, designing it, commissioning an illustrator and printing costs for such a project are high.  So lots of people said, why don’t you build an online programme? Here’s why: clutter and stuff are in physical time and space. The real world of our lives, not the head space we inhabit when we are online.

Yes, it would make more business sense to build an online course – lower costs and outlay for me –  but I’m thinking about my clients and others who don’t have access to the support of a personal organiser and what would work best for them.

There are already lots of tools and tips out there on the internet, but very few hands-on do-it-yourself (or with the help of a friend) kit products. And none that bring beauty into a room full of chaos. Beauty is the inspirational element to help the mind, to prompt, inspire and re-engage, to get on board to create order and beauty again.

Going for it

So here’s the thing: Kickstarter is a platform that requires you to raise all of the money or get none of the money!  Gulp! After seeking advice, some people said I should try another platform like IndieGoGo where I could keep all the money I raised. So if we got half the money we would get to keep that … but then I’m an all or nothing kind of person. Okay, half of the money would be great, but you can’t create half a box!!

I figured using a platform like IndieGoGo and finding myself having raised less than we need, would present me with a huge dilemma: how would I raise the rest and honour the people who pledged me their support? Potentially not even delivering anything at all…!

No, Kickstarter is definitely the right route for me. I’m going for it, all or nothing! It’s scary and a higher-risk strategy maybe, but I like to think that we’re rewarded for going for it.

So, please help me raise all the money so I can help more people all over the world create a calm and clutter free home!

Visit our Kickstarter page here, where you can get a copy of the first edition, pledge your support or share with friends. I can’t wait to tell you more about how we get on.

Thank you



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