The Clutter Shift
The Clutter Shift

do you understand what is behind your clutter?

As you are reading this, I know you are inspired to create a beautifully organised, clutter free and nurturing home.

But do you find that something always seems to get in the way of you achieving that?

Perhaps you struggle to complete decluttering or even get started. Or you manage to get your space organised close to how you want it but can’t stay on top of things and the clutter just comes back.

  • You may be feeling fear, overwhelm, or simply not know how or where to start
  • There may be unhelpful habits and behaviours, such as procrastination, getting distracted or even self-sabotage.
  • All on top of practical obstacles that you just don’t know how to overcome.

I know how frustrating this is, and there is a solution. My Discover Why consultations are specifically designed to help you get to the heart of the issue, break the cycle and start creating the sustainable results you dream of.



I know from 15 years’ experience and my extensive study of psychology that there is almost always a why behind these unhelpful patterns, thoughts and behaviours.

Clutter is rarely just a simple surface problem. As I reveal in my book The Secret Life of  Clutter, it is often a symptom of things that lie a little deeper. That’s exactly what this session sets out to reveal

I know with the right guidance that you can achieve what you want. But at times we all need someone with the expertise and experience to get right to the root of the problem, so you can finally move on from it.

When you understand the psychology of what’s underneath your clutter, it empowers you to make a shift and make room for your clutter free nurturing home.

Imagine the home you’d create if you knew what was holding you back and how to overcome those obstacles.

  • Discover Whythere is a problem
  • Discover Whyyou haven’t been able to solve it until now,
  • Discover Whyyou need to change and why it is vital for you to do so.

What the consultation includes

  1. Clarifying what you want and what needs to happen to get there

Together we’ll create a clear vision of how you want and need your home to be.

Then we will take a thorough look around and assess exactly where you are starting from.

With these two vital sets of information place, next we will set clear structured goals that set out exactly how you can move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Tackling your obstacles

Next, we will determine your biggest personal obstacles to success and identify some of the most effective tactics to overcome them.

  1. Discovering how to make it happen

I’ll explain exactly what processes you need to put in place and what support you need to make a shift around your home and your clutter. Which means that when you start your declutter project, this time you will have everything in place to give you the very best chance of success.

  1. Identifying the support that you need

We will also get clear on how I can best help you, with exactly the right combination of practical hands-on support, motivation, discipline, structure, accountability, expert advice, insight, compassion, and empathy.

  1. Explaining my process

If you are interested in working with further with me, either in person or via virtual coaching, I will also explain how I work, and we can begin to plan how we will implement the next steps to achieve your goals and reach your vision.

  1. Follow up

After the session you will get my notes, summarising exactly what we discovered, setting out the vision and goals we agreed and recommendations for your next steps forwards. This will include personalised advice, links to products and resources we discussed, and tips on storage and layout.

Discover Why is not only a powerful one-off session, it is also an essential launch pad for your personal declutter project.

What happens after

Once you understand the psychology of what’s underneath your clutter, it empowers you to make a shift and make room for your clutter free nurturing home. So, whether you choose to work with me afterwards or not, the Discover Why coaching session offers massive value.

If we work together, it lays vital foundation of everything we will do next. Based on this session I will send you a personalised plan for your 1:1 Declutter Intensive package with me and my team. From here, we simply need to find dates and schedule a start time.

If you decide to start your declutter project alone, perhaps using my DIY declutter package (Home Declutter Kit, kickstarter coaching session and online course), or joining my Clutter Shift group programme, the Discover Why session will also give you a firm foundation for success.

Why it works

Discover Why is the pivotal starting point in my process, a powerful and inspiring coaching session centred on you and your home.

Every journey starts with a single step. And that first step is often the most important one, which is why I focus of getting this right from the very beginning.

Your personal Discover Why session is a 90-minute intensive and focused coaching session via Zoom. During this time, I will really get to know you, your home and identify your specific needs. This will mean the rest of our work together will be safe and productive.

It’s vital to have a clear map of where you’re going. So, we’ll look at where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to be in your life. Clutter is often a symptom of deeper issues, so you will come away with many suggestions to enrich your life and plenty of inspiration.

My service is bespoke and personal, so I will customise the session in response to your individual situation and what I believe will best serve your needs. Typically, it will include:

  • assessment, review, and planning
  • a brief history of your relevant background
  • identification of key problem areas in the home and your psychology
  • goal setting and visioning
  • homework suggestions
  • space organisation suggestions.

Most people find this is an emotional as well as an empowering experience. I believe it’s essential to give voice to some of the feelings that are hidden under the piles of clutter. Some people may find certain parts of the process uncomfortable and even a little scary. But most people find it illuminating and liberating. Remember that what we most need to discover is often hidden in places we are afraid to look.

You are not alone. As a registered and qualified psychotherapist, I know how to support you emotionally and with deep empathy as we go on this journey together.

Are you ready to take the next step and start creating the beautifully organised, clutter free and nurturing home you have always dreamt of? You know the vital role your home plays in your life and the negative impact its current state has on your productivity and wellbeing. It doesn’t have to stay this way.

It’s time to finally take the right next action to tackle your clutter, and you start by discovering why.

These sessions are highly sought after, and I often must operate with a waiting list, so please book soon to avoid disappointment.

I look forward to hearing your personal clutter story.