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Discover the secret life of your clutter and how to clear it.

Inspired to clear your clutter and create a beautifully organised, nurturing home, but find something always seems to block you?

As revealed in The Secret Life of Clutter, when you get clear about what’s beneath your clutter it empowers you to create change and make room for your future.

Imagine the home you’ll create once you know what was holding you back and how to overcome those obstacles.

In her live online Getting Clear™ workshop, mindful decluttering expert, psychotherapist and author Helen Sanderson will share cutting-edge insights from over 15 years’ experience helping people create calm and order from their cluttered homes. Giving you vital insights to understand and clear your personal obstacles to a clutter-free life.

Discover the secret life of your clutter and make room for your future.

About Getting Clear™

  • Live 90 minute interactive online workshop session with Helen
  • Unique access to a private Facebook group before and after the live sessions
  • Bonus Live 90 minute Q & A session with Helen on a separate day.
  • Access to recordings of the workshop
  • All for just £29


Friday 22 July 2022


7:00 – 8:30 pm BST

Thu 22 June 2023

Q&A 25 June

7:00 – 8:30 pm BST

Wed 11 Oct 2023

Q&A Thursday 12 October

7:00 – 8:30 pm BST

Helen Sanderson decluttering expert

Four great reasons to join me

1. A workshop like no other

My Getting Clear™ workshops bring together what I’ve learned from 15 years working in people’s homes, combined with my psychotherapy training. They are unique and insightful events that will help you to relate to your home in a new way. Learn to better understand what’s going on in your home and your life. And most importantly, be inpsired to start making powerful changes.

2. Insight and shift in mindset

The insight and understanding you gain will help you see your home through fresh eyes. Just imagine returning home feeling inspired and ready to transform it into a place that truly supports you and reflects the person you want to grow into.

3. Time for sharing, reflection, pause and insight

Clutter can provoke feelings of overwhelm and shame. Feelings that are best talked about honestly in a safe, confidential space with others that face similar challenges. However, please relax –  there’s no pressure to share anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Participate as much or as little as you like.

 4. Finding the seeds you want to plant

Most people find under the clutter is something that wants to be nurtured. I’m confident this workshop will reveal valuable things to you and help you find the motivation to move forward onto the next stage of your journey.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Getting Clear workshop interactive?

Yes, this is an interactive workshop, we will do a variety of activities. All activities are optional, however,  the more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

Will I learn how to declutter and organise my home?

We focus on understanding the psychology that might be underneath the clutter and the order in your home. You will learn some tips about how to create more space and order in your home, although this is not a practical ‘how to declutter’ workshop.

Will I get one-on-one advice from Helen?

Helen will aim to answer any individual questions during the workshop. Bear in mind that these are group events, so she will share her focus with all participants. If you would like more detailed individual advice, a VIP upgrade is available.

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