the value of insight

When you get clear about why your clutter is holding you back, you can finally let it go and create the home you love.

There is a lot more to clutter and the home than the merely practical. The secret to creating a calm and nurturing home is to uncover the psychological reasons that lie beneath your clutter, and to understand that what is blocking you in your home and your life is often the key to moving forwards. Unlocking some of the meaning your possessions may hold can free you to say goodbye to what you no longer need, while keeping your precious memories intact.

Our homes have stories to tell. Like our dreams, the spaces we inhabit and the objects within them reflect many aspects of our lives and our inner selves. As you become more able to really see your home and your possessions, and to listen to what they are telling you, you will gain some profound insights.

This quest for insight and meaning is at the core of my decluttering services.

the secret life of clutter

The insights revealed in my book will help you understand some of the factors that may be sabotaging your efforts to make more space. It will inspire you to take action and create a home that you love, a home that reflects who you are and the life you want to live.

insights from the tao of helen

My blog is a treasure trove of insights about decluttering, the psychology of home, and interior design. You can browse through the library of posts, or I have added a handy search below to help you find exactly what you want.

Now is a good time to clear out your wardrobe

Now is a good time to clear out your wardrobe

Make the most of your lockdown and get your wardrobe in order; you will feel better for it and maybe that nag in your head can be quietened for a while! Your crushed clothes might thank you for it too! Now is an excellent time to sort out your closets and do a...

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Decluttering and the environment

Decluttering and the environment

As I write in May 2019, discussions raised by the Extinct Rebellion protests and school strikes prompted by the inspirational Greta Thunberg, have got me reflecting. I have been very moved by her actions and I’ve been thinking about the fact that I work in an industry...

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