Okay, time to deal with your Keep it pile. Some people enjoy this part of the process so much they try to do it too soon! It’s all about grouping things, which is very satisfying for the brain and, unless you really don’t like detail, makes you feel great.

You, and your space, should be feeling clearer by now. I’m giving you these instructions after the clear up rather than before, because they
are more complex and you’ll need time and space to think about them. And because it’s vital not to start categorising until you’ve cleared the decks and got your home back in order.

This step is especially good if you have collections of things in your Keep it pile, such as CDs, books, photos, paperwork, art materials or toys. First, sort and pile everything into categories, separating the toys from the books and the toothpaste from the paintbrushes. Secondly, take each new pile and sub-categorise to create some wonderful order.

  1. Creating categories (branches) 

Put the Keep it pile in front of you. Now think about what categories of item are in there. Choose relevant cards from the blue Optional extras set. Some categories will be personal to you, so use the blank cards or large sheet of paper to write these on. Again, arrange the cards in a circle or semi-circle around you and, as in step two, simply allocate items to each pile. So for example if you have items for the Toy box, put them by that card, or allocate some stuff to the Boy’s room or Girl’s room pile.

  1. Creating sub-categories (twigs) – optional

You can also sub-categorise each larger category, for example:



  o   Fiction

  o   Poetry

  o   Personal development

         –         Psychology

         –         Health

         –         Spirituality

Art materials

  o   Pens and pencils

  o   Brushes

  o   Paints

         –         Watercolour

         –         Oils

         –         Acrylics


In the kit you won’t find any pre-printed cards for this stage because these sub-categories will be personal to you, this is where your big marker pen comes in, write each category on a large sheet of scrap paper, for example: health, finances, house, hobbies etc.