Clear the decks

Clear the decks

The aim of this mid-way tidy up is to create some space. Only start this step when:

  • you think you’ve sorted everything into piles and you just can’t do any more
  • you need to create more space in order to continue sorting
  • the alarm has gone off and it’s time to move into clear-up mode
  • or it’s lunchtime and you need a break.

In this step you deal with the piles of things you’re not keeping. 

Recycle it / Bin it                  

Bag these up and put them outside immediately.

Donate it       

Bag up and put by the front door or in the car boot.

Shred it / Burn it                  

Bag, box and label these things and make a note of when you will action them.
Don’t fall into the tomorrow trap, set a realistic date with yourself to do this.

Garden / Garage / Storage 

If you have large things that are easy to move to their new home, do this now.

A word of caution: don’t use storage, garage or garden as ways to avoid letting things go.

Remember this about decluttering, not a shifting things around. Be honest with yourself.