Finding home for things – storage tips and recommendations

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As the weeds are taken out, we begin to see what’s underneath and has been starved of space and light. Green shoots may start to appear. Through the process of discovery and prioritisation that are core to the weeding stage, long-forgotten dreams and aspirations re-emerge. You may reconnect to these, and in seeing what you have chosen to keep begin to recognise how these reflect your deepest values. With these insights, the planting phase can begin. This is time to utilise your interior design skills and create a beautiful home that truly supports you, and reflects who you want to be.  A home where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

After the weeding process, what is left are possessions that have been consciously chosen. These may be primarily functional, but can also be objects that bring meaning and beauty to our lives. And having made all those decisions during the weeding process, the choice becomes what to focus on, what to give space and light to grow. On a practical level, this is simply about deciding what goes where, and designing systems that support them to pursue what matters most to them. Beyond that, you probably also crave the sense of calm and peace that comes from having a clear space and a clear mind. So, when you walk in through the front door, rather than draining your energy, your home lifts your spirits.