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Now it’s time to find homes for all the categorised items from your Keep it pile. Really enjoy this part! You may feel tired, but now is when you can really put the love back into your home. It’s an opportunity to see your home through fresh eyes, view it with pride and treat it with respect.

It’s time to put things away

At this stage, two things are pretty much guaranteed:

  1. You’ll feel tired. After a good three-hour declutter, you will probably feel physically
    and mentally drained.
  2. You’ll also feel energised! You should feel pretty good about yourself for tackling the job, creating order and reconnecting with neglected areas of your life – and maybe facing some fears and busting through procrastination if that was holding you back. You’ve done something really important, just for yourself, and that counts for a lot.

If an item doesn’t have a home, now is the perfect time to find it one. After a deep purge, shelves and drawers should be nearer empty than full. If you let some books go, you can enjoy putting your favourite ones back and arranging them beautifully. Get creative – try displaying them according to colour or size and make a visual feast. Doing this will bring
joy and good energy into your home.


Paperwork: in step five you’ve created categories, translate these into a clear filing system that will help you find things easily.

Clothes: You could choose to separate your clothes into sections and add homemade labels to the hanging rail to help you find casual tops or work clothes more quickly.

Files or drawers: Clearly label these, in no time it will save you far more effort than it takes you to make the labels.


And that’s the end of the process. When you get to this point, whether you were decluttering a whole house, a single room or just a bookshelf, you’ve done a great job. Congratulate yourself. If you want to move on to another area, just start at step one.