Start weeding

Take a pile of books from your bookshelf or clear your bathroom cabinet into a box and set it down in front of you.

Then start allocating each of the items to one of the cards you have laid out.

I did say it’s not rocket science, but how you do this bit is important.

You’re going to want to get up and put things away and start to sub-categorise … don’t!

Remember this stage is just about weeding.

Trust your first instinct or gut feeling when deciding, working swiftly through and piling things next to each card.


Don’t know

• As you are about to make lots of decisions as quickly as possible, this is a good time to tell you about the Don’t know card. 
• It’s not always going to be easy to decide about some things, they will have an emotional pull or need some thinking time. 
• If this happens, simply put the item in the Don’t know pile; we’ll come back to it in step four. 
• If your Don’t know pile gets too big, then it might be time to go back and revisit your step one intention.