let's get started
STEP 1 - set goals and a clear intention
STEP 2 - set up the cards and start weeding
STEP 3 - clear the decks
STEP 4 - box and label
STEP 5 Categorise
STEP 6 Create beauty and harmony

Start weeding

Welcome to the course

Hello, I’m Helen Sanderson, creator of the Home Declutter Kit and author of the Secret Life of Clutter.

I refined my method over many years of working with people. I took everything I knew about decluttering and put it in a kit, meaning that you can …

The Kit and my process are simple and easy to follow, but some people told me they would really love from a little more guidance. That’s when the idea for this course was born.

I will introduce you to the kit and talk you though my process step by step.

There are exercises and tips that I could not include in the kit and other bonus content.


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