Helen Sanderson decluttering
Helen Sanderson decluttering

Helen Sanderson decluttering

Over the last 15 years Helen Sanderson decluttering has helped hundreds of people like you to create clear, beautifully-designed, well-organised homes.


Transforming spaces, transforming lives.

I provide the ultimate holistic decluttering service. My work is about so much more than tidying up or getting rid of stuff. Our spaces and mindsets are closely linked so I’ll help you with both. Without addressing both aspects, many people find the clutter comes back or emotional baggage won’t shift.

Does your home support your development or hold you back? Most people understand that emotional baggage can stop them from growing. Well, the physical clutter that we surround ourselves with also gets in the way of us living the life we want.



About helen sanderson decluttering

Amazing changes happen when you declutter your home. A new energy will emerge from beneath the clutter and very often significant things start to shift. 

To learn more, watch the video to hear what my clients say about what Helen Sanderson decluttering did for them.


Inspired to clear your clutter and create a beautifully organisedhome, but something always seems to block you?

As revealed in The Secret Life of Clutter, when you get clear about what’s beneath your clutter it empowers you to create change and make room for your future.

Discover exactly what’s dring your clutter abnd and hwo to start tackling it. Giving you vital insights to understand and clear your personal obstacles to a clutter-free life.

how helen sanderson decluttering can help

decluttering service

Overwhelmed by clutter? I can help with the ultimate holistic decluttering service. I’ve seen and overcome every obstacle you can imagine.

virtual coaching

Buried beneath the clutter of your life, you may find the seed of an idea, a creative project, a dream. Together we’ll bring these things closer to fruition.

DIY DEclutter

The simple, easy way to detox your living space and clear clutter from your life – fast! Because now’s the time to make room for the future you deserve.

the clutter shift

My exclusive live experience reveals the understanding you need to make a big shift around your clutter, clear your space rapidly and keep it that way.

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