Seeking Calm Amidst the Chaos?

Quiet Rooms Take Businesses by Storm As Selfridges Take a Lead Step

Stressed and frazzled in an increasingly fast paced and gadget driven world and seeking calm amidst the chaos? A quiet room could be the answer… Quiet Rooms allow employees to take a moment or two during the working day to relax, have a break, meditate, pray or simply ‘take stock’ without the distractions of office life.

An increasing number of businesses and other organisations already benefit from the provision of a quiet room and now big, forward-thinking names such as Selfridges & Co in London are jumping on board seeing the beneficial impact that a contemplative space can have. Selfridges have recently installed a ‘Silence Room’ in their store as part of their ‘No Noise Campaign’, a jostle-free zone where shouting and mobile phones are banned, in an effort to help people relax and rejuvenate.

Meeting the needs of today’s complex and diverse workforce is a great challenge for responsible employers. In today’s multi-cultural, multi-faith society, quiet rooms for prayer and relaxation are much in demand in the workplace but sadly they are often under-funded, under-valued and ill-conceived. In trying so hard not to offend or favour, a neutral drab and lifeless room is often produced which is frequently depressing and under-used. These spaces not only lack inspiration and calm but do not flow or function, not having been developed with the future social changes or values in mind. Designing one of these rooms is complex and many functional aspects which cost more, in the long run, could be prevented with a good design layout and scheme from the very beginning.

Quiet rooms without a doubt make sound business and financial sense. Each year an estimated 13 million working days are lost to work-related stress in the UK alone, costing the economy a staggering £100 billion. Stress costs companies a huge amount of money in lost performance and legal fees so by providing a quiet or prayer space, companies are not only ticking the box with regard to diversity laws and compliance, they are also providing a calming retreat so that their employees can get their energy back and regain their performance. Upgrading a current room or investing in one for the first time, is a significant company asset and a major investment in staff well-being, which in turn can promote productivity and staff retention which can only be a good thing in today’s transient and ever chaotic world.

Helen Sanderson founded ‘Quiet Room Designs’ in 2005 and has a proven track record of creating calming, peaceful spaces that recognise and address the diverse needs of people. Today her company remains the UK’s only specialist service, exclusively offering quiet room and prayer room consultancy and design with a client list as diverse as the NHS, Guardian News and Media, Marie Curie Cancer Care, South Tyneside College and The Ministry of Justice. For further information see

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