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The Home Declutter Kit is a simple, step-by-step decluttering process in a box. Featuring an easy-to-use guide revealing the secrets of my tried and tested Getting Clear(TM) process and a set of over 30 beautifully-illustrated prompt cards. It will help anyone to clear and transform their room or home, creating calm from clutter. Click here to find out more.

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The mindful method to a stress-free home

The Home Declutter Kit is a simple, step-by-step decluttering process in a box. The first of its kind, the Kit consists of an easy-to-use guide revealing the secrets of my tried and tested Getting Clear(TM) process and a set of over 30 beautifully-illustrated prompt cards. It will help anyone to clear and transform their room or home, creating calm from clutter.

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8 reviews for Home Declutter Kit

  1. Sue

    I was lucky enough to review a copy of the Declutter Kit before it went to print. A wonderful, wonderful resource for anyone overwhelmed with all that clutter and no idea of how to start. It breaks down the enormous task into simple steps that are easy to complete and will not leave you exhausted. Good fun too and with the ability to customise to meet your particular circumstances. And living in a clear, calm home where I can find everything? Magical!!

  2. Gillian Balcombe

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Helen Sanderson and was delighted when she asked me to review her Home Declutter Kit during its development. And in my view this kit is be a ‘must have’ for every household! Under Helen’s gentle yet focused guidance, you’ll discover not only the physical but also the amazing psychological benefits of clearing and decluttering. You know they say ‘healthy body healthy mind’? Substitute ‘home’ for ‘body’ and you’ve got the idea. And the kit has been so well thought out, designed and illustrated – it’s like having your own personal Helen to see you through. I have no hesitation in recommending that you buy this kit – and they make perfect gifts too!

  3. Sara Anderson

    I was fortunate enough to be asked to try out the prototype of the Home Declutter Kit and used it to help an older family relative who was overwhelmed with family memorabilia and found it hard to sort out what was really worth keeping and what could be let go.
    The process was easy to use and put him at ease. Plus the cards were beautiful and inspiring. He engaged with it straight away, despite his initial resistance we had a productive and we were able to transform an overwhelming pile of clutter into rationalised and ordered piles which were neatly put away. It took 3 weekends spread out over a couple of weeks, but now he’s much happier, he said it’s really changed how he feels about his home. He said he felt relieved more than anything else. Plus by weeding out the rubbish, he’s now able to focus and enjoy the truly precious photos, stories and objects.
    I highly recommend this kit as something that you can use alone or with a family member or friend and get a lot of clutter cleared in one day. Once the process had started he then was able to continue on his own, with the cards as his guide.

  4. Lynn Thomas

    I purchased this and used it last weekend to clear my garage. The steps are simple without the product; as one friend said to me – I can’t believe you needed to buy that to clean your garage! There can many reasons why we allow things to get cluttered and not fix them. The beauty of this product is that it gave me the support I needed to get the job done! Simple and beautifully crafted – I got into the zone and had was able to capture great before and after results! Today I will do my study room! Thank You, Helen Sanderson – the work taken to get this product to market is for a genuine desire to help people and no doubt has taken a great deal of persistence – well done! Well worth it !

  5. Fi Ivin

    I regularly de-clutter my own and other people’s wardrobes but this beautiful kit added a much needed focus to my own clearing with better results than usual. There’s a core section of green cards which you use whatever you are decluttering and cards for other aspects (memories, paperwork etc) that hone the process further. On the back of the cards are hints and tips and there’s a short instruction booklet to kick things off. Things I really liked and found useful:
    * Setting goals, which I don’t do so easily for myself – I respond better to someone to asking me the all important questions to focus and the card on goal setting helped this which led to another card I found useful:
    * The blank cards to use as you need. Out of my own goal setting I realised that in addition to ‘towards’ goals there were things I wanted to move away from. In my case, the ‘one day if/when’ scenario of something that MIGHT come in useful (but rarely does). I created my own card around this. It was invaluable and enabled me to get rid of a few things I’d been hanging on to.
    *The prompt card was a very helpful reminder that was a bit like having your own coach there to ask you annoyingly thought provoking useful questions!
    The kit is a beautiful piece of work, incredibly thoughtfully put together and loaded with love and understanding for its recipients. I have found it so helpful and plan on buying another for an elderly relative who is trying to declutter following a bereavement.

  6. Anne

    Great pictures and extremely useful method of making decluttering seem almost enjoyable! Highly recommend. The accompanying booklet has some real words of wisdom too.

  7. Elaine Bird (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let people know how much better things have been around here since I started de-cluttering with Helen The kit really helps and is easy to use.
    Having help has made me tackle a task I never thought would be possible and I cannot sing the praises of this kit too highly. Everyone around me has been amazed at the results. I’m not done yet but I am on the home stretch of my initial de-clutter! 55 years of married life collects a lot of detritus!!
    Even though I have not finished, the way I feel so much more calm and sleep better every night is wonderful.
    I think I will always be de-cluttering as I now realise that it builds up everyday (and especially at Christmas!)
    If you are serious about de-cluttering, read Helen’s blog and contact her if you need help. She is really supportive.

  8. Christine T (verified owner)

    I am delighted with the declutter kit as I had expected to be. As you say on the website the illustrated cards are attractive and user-friendly and I am using them already although I want to read the instruction book in more detail too before making full use of them.
    Further update – I very much like the instruction book now I have read it fully, as it is easy to understand and take to heart, short and concise but yet includes comprehensive detail in an attractive way. I have found it motivating and I have made a great deal of progress with my many bagfuls of hoarded paperwork (and other untidy patches in the home), the amount is now only a fraction of what it was and it is nearly all orderly, I am on the home straight now. I would have accomplished it quicker if I had applied the dedicated time to it that you advise, but nevertheless I have persisted with it instead of delaying it and am now seeing the results.
    With the help of your method I have been able to tackle difficult aspects that previously I had not been able to. Thanks very much indeed.

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