The Clutter Shift
The Clutter Shift

The Clutter Shift Live online group experience

The Clutter Shift™ will help you clear your clutter, change your habits and make room for what really matters

Running now! Next cohort: June 2023 (TBC).

ready to make a big shift around your clutter?

No matter how long you have lived with clutter, I know from 15 years’ experience that with the right understanding you can make a big shift and clear your space rapidly and you can keep it that way.

All it takes is the right insight. And the right actions.

You can move the clutter and even more importantly, you can move on in your life. Perhaps, like many of my clients, you find yourself at a pivotal moment where you want to make a big change, but something just seems to be blocking you and this is especially showing up in your home.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In just four weeks, you too can make The Clutter Shift.


Is this you?

So many people keep their issues with clutter hidden behind closed doors. Perhaps you’re the same? It’s easy to feel embarrassed. Do you identify with this?:

  • You probably have quite a successful career, people may envy your life in many ways.
  • Yet you have this secret, somewhere in your home, you know you are stuck and have a big problem with clutter.
  • It might just be one area, or maybe all over your house.
  • You are self-conscious about this because at work you’re doing well and people look up to you.
  • But at home you’re actually kind of uncomfortable to invite people round, because you worry that if they went into the spare room or the bedroom or the garage, they would be shocked.

If you can relate to this, I bet you’re a bit like me and you’ll probably be the sort of person who doesn’t like to leave problems unsolved. And yet here you are, with this habit of collecting papers or objects or not being able to throw away things, that you can’t seem to shift.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. There are plenty of successful people like you who have a problem with clutter. The good news is that I know from my 15 years’ experience working with people on it that there is always a reason. And once we find that reason you too can make the shift and unlock your clutter.

Until now, I was only available to private clients engaging me one-to-one and only have space for one client per month. Now, for the first time I have created a live online programme that makes my breakthrough Getting Clear method available in a much more accessible way.

You can move the clutter and even more importantly, you can move on in your life. Perhaps, like many of my clients, you find yourself at a pivotal moment where you want to make a big change. But something just seems to be blocking you and this is especially showing up in your home. It doesn’t have to be that way. In just four weeks, you too can make The Clutter Shift.

Shifting to a clear space and a clear mind

In The Clutter Shift  we are going to do two equally important things for you: Firstly we are going to take the biggest area of clutter in your home and clear it up (with less effort than you would expect).

But equally importantly, we are going to give you the critical personal shift in thinking that changes your relationship to your space and your home for good. And that means you won’t be creating clutter in the same way you have been until now.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you know the individual key to unlocking your clutter habit for good and creating exactly the home environment you want. How does it work exactly? On a practical level, at the end of the experience we will have cleared the most important clutter area in your home. Whether that’s your spare room, your home office, your kitchen: one area that you know is a hotspot for clutter and really troubles you. It will be transformed, but more importantly than the practical aspect, you will have that beautiful moment you have perhaps experienced at other times when you look upon clear space and it feels like finally there’s room to breathe, room to think. To feel, ‘I’m ready to contemplate new things’.

And, almost as important as this, perhaps even more, you will finally know what’s been holding you back in this area of your life. You will have made a breakthrough that shifts your habits around clutter, tidiness and keeping your home beautiful. A shift that will stay with you for life.

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have the knowledge and skills, and also the practical experience of completing a successful declutter project. But more important than that, you will know you have cracked your clutter problem. I’m not promising you will never have any clutter again, I know that’s not realistic for everyone. But if your old habits do start to raise their heads again, you’ll understand what’s behind it and exactly what to do to nip it in the bud. You’ll have a whole range of tools and techniques to manage what’s happening and turn it around.

You will have changed your relationship with your home and your possessions permanently and for the rest of your life.

Your investment in your future home

Right now, when people work one to one with me, it’s typically costing five to ten thousand pounds. The good news is that The Clutter Shift is much more accessible at just £1297 with the VIP place at £1597 (which includes a bonus 90 minute 1:1 session).

This is the most affordable way people have ever been able to work with me to get a long-lasting change in their home. I appreciate this is still a significant investment to make, so I have made time to talk through all the value you will get from the programme and we can check if it is right for you. Go ahead and book call with me now.


If you’re unsure about joining The Clutter Shift I’d say – go for it! Take that leap of faith. You will not regret it. The friendships that you make, learning first-hand how to use Helen’s Home Declutter Kit, along with her wealth of knowledge, it surpassed anything I’d imagined. I’d tried many things before and nothing worked, but this, especially knowing the psychology behind the clutter really helps. It’s definitely worth doing, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed with it all. Best thing you could ever do, because once it starts your momentum you can really get on with it! 


“The Clutter Shift was incredibly valuable. It was a relief to be with others who also struggled and a great gift of Helen’s and the group’s generous support was the sense of not being alone with what had felt like an insurmountable problem. The greatest tribute I could offer to the efficacy of the course was that it left me with a sense that it could be possible to change and create a better space for myself – and an interest in doing so. By the end of the first week I was already thinking, ‘Everyone should have a Helen in their home!’ and I remain incredibly grateful for her generosity in, and passion for, helping me and others attain a goal that had felt impossible.”


How The Clutter Shift is different

You may have tried some off-the-shelf methods to deal with your clutter. Perhaps you did the Marie Kondo process on your house, maybe you chucked away 90% of your stuff. But no great insights about yourself, right? It didn’t really change who you are.

This might work for some people, it may even have worked for you to an extent. But some people need more depth, they want to get to the root of the problem.

You can sign up to any number of online declutter courses, read any number of books, but that’s not what we’re doing here. We are talking about making a deep shift. A shift in your understanding of what your clutter is and how and why it impacts you in particular. Because it’s different for everyone. And after doing this for 15 years, I understand that.

Every person has an individual mindset, a unique home environment, their own history and that’s what we’ll be looking at. What is it in you and your relationship with your home and your possessions that is behind this issue? This is the insight or insights, we will discover and this is what will unlock that clutter habit. Not just for a few weeks or months, but for good.

When you complete the clutter shift you’ll have:

  • Mastered all my principles and tools to unlock your clutter habit, and understand the things that might be behind it
  • Understood how your home is a living thing and learnt first-hand from me a powerful Getting Clear process to transform any room using The Home Declutter Kit
  • Discovered your Home Attachment Style – the unique way you relate to your home and a key to creating lasting change.
  • Got to the root of what’s stopping you creating the space and order you need
    Discovered targeted strategies to counter your individual blocks.
  • Taken control of your home and show the clutter who’s the boss, so you can focus your time and energy on what matters most to you at home: your family, that dream project or simply relaxing and enjoying life.

Free Home Declutter Kit

If you don’t already have one, we will send you a complimentary copy of the Home Declutter Kit, which you’ll be using to help tackle your clutter.

Two invaluable things you’ll get from The Clutter Shift™

1. Clearing up the biggest area of clutter in your home. Transforming that space from one that holds you back, to one that is nurturing and supports your potential.

2. Making a critical personal shift in your thinking. Changing your relationship to your space and your home for good, so you won’t accumulate clutter as you have been until now.

When you join me on this programme, you will learn my tried and tested Getting Clear™ methodology for clearing clutter, and so much more. I will take you through a series of steps and on the journey we will discover together, what is holding you back, why you are stuck and the precise steps you need to take to set yourself free. Free to create a home that supports you and is a reflection of the person you truly are and the life you want to live.


Join me on this rich journey, to make a profound shift in your clutter, your mindset and your life.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve had this problem for years. Can you really fix it in four weeks?

We will shift your patterns of creating clutter for good and clear some space in at least one area of your home.

You probably know from experience that growth doesn’t always happen in steady incremental steps. You have to put consistent effort in, but often you can trace the moment when everything began to shift back to something someone said to you in a conversation, a short passage you read, or a moment of realisation.

These moments are precisely what The Clutter Shift is carefully engineered to deliver.

Yours may come on day 1, day 17 or at various times during the programme, but when it happens you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your heart and in your bones. You’ll know that your relationship with your home and with your possessions is never going to be quite the same again. And that insight will stay with you for life, rippling positive effects out into your future.

It seems like quite a big investment, how does it deliver value?

For most people, their home is their biggest investment. So, there’s great value in making an extra investment to empower yourself to ensure it’s truly serving your needs and supporting you to pursue your dreams.

When you’re deciding to invest in this programme, ask yourself these questions: 

How much is your time and wellbeing worth? How much time do you waste looking for things? What is the emotional cost of having to face that clutter everytime you walk in through the door?

The investment reflects that you are ready to get serious about this issue, and will motivate you and demonstrate your commitment to yourself. Compared to my one-to-one, in person services it is a fraction of the cost.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

You’re right, this programme isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’m pre-selecting members via a short application call, because I want everyone to get the results they want and to inspire everyone else on their journey.

If I don’t think it will work for you, I won’t accept you on board and instead will offer you other routes to support. If we agree you need more intensive, hands-on support, I’m happy to work with you 1 to 1.

How much time do I need to commit?

This programme is about short, intensive work. Giving deep, transformative insights and teaching powerful techniques that will help you get things done much more efficiently. You will need to set aside time to do the work in your home, but you are in control of deciding exactly what you tackle.

I suggest a minimum of one 3-hour block each week, probably at the weekend.

On top of that you’ll get most from the programme, when you commit to 2-3 hours of video calls (watch live or recordings) along with maybe 15 mins, three or four times a week to check in with the group.

If you have the capacity to take some time off work to do your declutter project then this is for you.

We don’t recommend carrying on as normal and trying to fit it in around a full time work schedule as you wont get the best out of it and you will likely wear yourself out.

So it is for you if –

  1. You are ready to make a shift
  2. You want to understand about why you are cluttered
  3. You are able to give it some focused time
  4. You benefit from support and structure
  5. You can take a risk to make a change

What if I can't make every session?

All the Masterclass and Clutter Clinic sessions will be recorded. You can catch up at any time.

If you can make at least two of the four live Shift it! days, you should still be able to make a big impact on your clutter, and shift your thinking and habits.

What if I don’t follow through?

I know I’ve bought courses and not completed them (not even started some!) That’s why this programme is carefully structured to keep you accountable through weekly review sessions with me. And your fellow members are like you. They understand this issue, so you’ll all support each other to stay focused and on track.

If you are really stuck, I’m always here to jump on a quick call with you and suggest some ways to break through any obstacles you’re facing.