let's get started
STEP 1 - set goals and a clear intention
STEP 2 - set up the cards and start weeding
STEP 3 - clear the decks
STEP 4 - box and label
STEP 5 Categorise
STEP 6 Create beauty and harmony

A cluttered home is like a garden

like a garden

I believe our homes are living things. And I am going to use the metaphor of gardening to help you understand this.

My decluttering method is built around on three key stages, reflecting those a garden needs in order to flourish: weeding, planting, and maintenance.


  • A cluttered home is like an overgrown garden.
  • Weeds and brambles have taken over choking, restricting the growth.
  • So, the first stage is about clearing these away, cutting back and pulling up the roots so they don’t grow back.
  • We go through everything identifying what are weeds and what are plants that we want to keep.


  • As you weed, you’ll reveal plants that have been starved of space and light.
  • Green shoots may start to appear: these are past dreams and aspirations starting to re-emerge.
  • Seeing the objects you have chosen to keep you’ll begin to see how these reflect your core values. With these insights, the planting phase can begin.
  • This is where you start to create a home that reflects where and how you want to be.
  • After the weeding process, what is left are possessions that have been consciously
  • The choice becomes what to focus on, what to give space and light to grow.
  • On a practical level, this is simply about deciding what goes where.
  • Beyond that, most people also crave the sense of calm and peace that comes from having a clear space and a clear mind.
  • So, when they walk in through the front door, rather than draining their energy, their home lifts their spirits.


  • Creating supportive and empowering homes helps us to care for ourselves.
  • This is where discipline comes in.
  • Instead of seeing keeping your home organised as a chore, think of it as a mindful practice.
  • It can be a way to nurture and heal yourself and what you have discovered or planted in your life.
  • A well-maintained space echoes a commitment to your highest values and to yourself.
  • It can become a place that remind you what matters most and where you have chosen to focus your energy and attention.
like a garden