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STEP 2 - set up the cards and start weeding
STEP 3 - clear the decks
STEP 4 - box and label
STEP 5 Categorise
STEP 6 Create beauty and harmony

House Charter

House Charter header

This is a process about establishing clarity around maintaining your home so that you can enjoy it.

1. mindful home scan

Brainstorm the issues you have around the home. Imagine your ideal life, your ideal home. What habits and behaviours would help make life in your home exactly how you’d like it to be?

  • What really bugs you in your home?
  • What do you do some of the time that you’d like to do more?
  • What do you start, but sometimes or often don’t complete
  • What did you use to do that really helped, but you have stopped doing?

2. Reflect and review

Take some time to think about the ideas you have brainstormed.

  • What things do you realistically think you can start to do right now? 
  • What things would have the most impact?
  • What are quick wins that will help you build momentum?
  • What really inspires you?

If you share your home, make sure these are things you can do yourself, or that the people you live with are on board with making happen.

3. Choose your 3 healthy home habits 

These are things you fully commit to doing and sticking to. Habits you know you can do, but that you need to build. If you are doing this together, both choose three.

Don’t choose things that are a big stretch, you might be setting yourself up for failure. These are better off as your aspirational goals.

Make these super clear! Vagueness will not help you. ‘Tidy my room’ is too vague. Pick a clear simple task, eg:

  • Load and start dishwasher at the end of the day
  • Open the incoming mail when it arrives (recycle or put in your ‘Action it’ tray.)
  • Put shoes away in the shoebox/rack/lobby.

It takes 30 days to build a habit, so you will need to persevere, just like any programme, be that diet or exercise. 

4. Choose your aspirational goals

These are things that you’d love to do, but accept that you may not do all the time. Or you plan that they will get stacked on top of the core habits once they are established. The idea is to give yourself an aspirational vision to move towards. 


  • I will create a place for everything, and everything will be put away.
  • Every time I buy something new, I will let go of something old/unused.
  • Tidy my work-desk every day (maybe you only manage it once a week).

5. Write it on the charter 

Write your three Healthy House Habits on the charter, and add your aspirations, what you would like to do once you have mastered the bottom lines.

6. Share with everyone, and stick it up somewhere you will see it every day


Top tip:

It is important if you are a couple or family to share your intentions, so everyone can support you. I know it is not always possible or easy to get others on board. If this is the case, pick one area that is your domain and ‘keep your side of the street clean’. Sometimes that is all you can do. And this can be enough to motivate others to make a shift in their behaviour.