let's get started
STEP 2 - set up the cards and start weeding
STEP 3 - clear the decks
STEP 4 - box and label
STEP 5 Categorise
STEP 6 Create beauty and harmony

Meet The Home Declutter Kit

Take a look and get familiar

The kit consists of several sets of illustrated prompt cards and a book that sets out my six step process. Together they take you through a clear, easy-to-follow method for doing a declutter or tidy up, big or small, alone or with a friend. However you choose to use it, I’ll be right by your side – in spirit – helping you to let things go and make space for more calm and order in your home.

There are many different cards in the kit. You may find it contains some cards you never need and is missing a few you wish you had. That’s why I’ve also provided some blank cards, so you can write your own (and draw a picture too!) or simply stick a post-it on them.

The cards are colour coded into sets. Some can be used for a quick tidy-up, others you’ll only need during a bigger purge. Some are specifically for a paper declutter and others will help tackle your wardrobe or other specific areas you want to clear. There’s also a set for honouring memories, to help you process some of those more sentimental items.

The sorting cards These are divided into colour-coded sets for different types
of declutter; you’ll learn more about these later.

Goals card You’ll use this in Step one – setting a clear intention.

Prompt card Put this on the wall and when you aren’t sure what to do with an item, look at it and ask yourself the questions printed on it: Will I notice it’s gone? Do I love it? Would I feel lighter without it? and so on. 

Things you can add to help make the process easier:

  • Five or six containers in various sizes (transparent boxes are best)
  • Stick-on labels and a black marker pen. 
  • A timer.
  • Bin bags, recycle bags and strong bags for donations. 
  • A notepad and pen.
  • A set of pegs, some Blu-tack or sticky tape.
  • Some strong tea, biscuits or healthy snacks. 
  • And maybe a helpful friend! 

Finally, think of a way to reward yourself when you finish. This is quite important
as some part of you may not enjoy doing this!