Transformation Time! 7 Tips For Getting The Best From Your Home Declutter Kit

Sleeves rolled up?

Home Declutter Kit cards laid out?

Binbags at the ready?

Let’s do it!!

With my kit, I wanted to provide a method that’s simple for anyone to follow and that really works. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded! (Happily, these people think so.) Here are a few tips to make sure your own declutter project is an absolute success.

1 DO ask someone to help you. For example:
A personal organiser
A friend
A relative
A neighbour
A church or community member
They can encourage you to keep going when you’re flagging or getting distracted.

2 DON’T sit down and start shredding things when you’re in the middle of a cull. Put them to one side to sort later while you’re watching TV or listening to the radio.

3 DON’T put things away as you go along. This wastes time and energy. Just put each item in a pile next to the appropriate card, then deal with everything at the end, once you’ve allocated ALL the stuff that needs to be sorted. Yes, you’ll get distracted by things you haven’t seen for ages. Yes, you’ll want to sort them out straight away. But RESIST! Wait until the end – I promise you this is the most effective way to do it.

4 DO try to declutter in regular bursts if you have a lot to get through. That way, it’s much easier to keep up the momentum. If you leave it too long between sessions, you’ll keep finding excuses not to keep get started again.

5 DON’T underestimate how deep this process can be. It transforms both your space and your psyche, it shifts chi/energy and allows new energy to flow in your life. The whole process symbolises change and movement so it’s bound to have a major effect on you, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck for a while.

6 DO focus on letting things go. Try to shift your thinking from How can I keep/store all this stuff? to What stuff can I let go of? When you manage to do this, you’ll find that you have enough space to store the things you love in a harmonious way.

7 DON’T automatically think of buying or building more storage. People often say they need more storage solutions, when really they just have too much stuff…

Got any top declutter tips of your own?  I’d love to hear what you do to transform your space. Please leave me a comment below.



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