Buried beneath the clutter of your life, you may find the seed of an idea, a creative project, a dream – something that needs some love, care and attention. We’ll work together to bring these things closer to fruition and move your life into a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and integrated place.

take bold steps into your future

Coaching with me is a great step forward in focusing your time and energy to nourish yourself.  While your home may be the main topic of your sessions, we may also discuss your personal values, passions, life balance, relationships, and purpose.

Working through my decluttering process, you’ll achieve the goals for your home that we set together and usually feel pretty good about your achievements. However, in my experience, there are often goals that don’t get addressed or are sidelined. These are often something like to start dating, attend to a health or weight loss issue or commit to a creative project that has been overlooked.

The yearning and energy for these visions are often hidden beneath the piles of clutter. That’s why I set up my exclusive coaching programme to support people to focus their attention on moving their life into a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and integrated place.

‘I wanted a change in my life and felt a strong, intuitive affinity with Helen, along with a confidence that she cared about my welfare. The process was simple but quite fascinating and I experienced many incredible changes. Some of these have been challenging, yet I was always confident the process was working. Helen has maintained close contact and been an amazing support. I fully recommend her service.’

Lynn Hope Thomas,

Author, Breaking Through Loss

Coaching – how it works

We sit down for an initial two-hour session where we:

  • Review how far you have come with the objective of celebration and acknowledgement
  • Establish what is left to do and how that can be done
  • Look at the areas of your life that you feel are out of balance in some way and
    begin to establish your priorities around these using either the Bagua grid or other coaching tools
  • We set goals and objectives around your new priorities.

‘Helen’s process was profound. The combination of creative tools paired with her natural wisdom and observations helped me get clarity on what I most need to focus on in my life to fuel all other areas. Helen’s mentoring is supportive, intuitive and powerful.’

Louise D

YOUR coaching package includes

  • Six one-hour check-in video calls (you choose weekly or fortnightly)
  • Access to Helen via updates and email support
  • Recommended links to watch, read or attend
  • Access to a whole network of referrals to other practitioners,
    all vetted and recommended
  • Emotional support as you embrace your next steps
  • Insights into any blocks and obstacles and how to work through them
  • Accountability to get you where you want to be.

Results you can expect:

  • a clear pathway to your future.
  • confidence that you can achieve your priority.
  • feeling supported and held in a transition phase.
  • achieving what you set out to do
  • deepening your experience, mind, body and soul.

Want to make a fresh start and create the life you dream of, deserve and desire? Let’s talk.