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Welcome to my new website and my blog section which I’ve named The Tao of Helen. We have been working hard to create this new site. As well as all the design and technical stuff, I have been trying to find the red thread that runs through all the different strands of my work. I think we have got there and I hope you like it!

One aspect of the new site is this blog section ‘Tao of Helen’. For those of you who don’t know, Tao (pronounced ‘dow’, like ‘cow’) is the Chinese word for way, path or route. I thought this was the perfect name for the place where I post my musings on my life and work. Within traditional Chinese philosophy, the Tao is the intuitive knowing of life through the experience of one’s everyday being. Unlike conventional Western thinking, it reflects an active and holistic practice related to the natural order of nature and its universal awakening. So, look out for my blogs expanding on how these ideas relate to my work. Plus I have the wonderful bonus of some fabulous clients writing guest blogs for me; watch out for these.  They’re a great way to hear how my process works from a client’s perspective.

Giving birth to some new products and services

The last year felt like a gestation period, with ideas being mulled over and growing. This year is about giving birth! Last August, I did an online survey, as I wanted to develop some new areas to my work. You can see the results here. I was really excited by the fantastic response we got, which showed how many people recognise the impact our home spaces have on our wellbeing. One of the questions I asked was: ‘In what further ways could I support you to help create the space you want?’ and these were some of the suggestions:

  • A book
  • Evening/weekend workshops
  • Blogs
  • Interior design services
  • Personal organising services
  • Online webinars/workshops

From my new website, I hope to be offering all of these and keep you up to date on them. We have so many exciting things coming this and next year, and I’d like to share three of them with you now. First is my Home Declutter Kit:

The mindful method to a stress-free home

I’ve been working as a professional declutterer, personal organiser and coach for over ten years; and I’ve seen huge changes in my client’s lives through decluttering the space around them. In truth, decluttering is about so much more than clearing space, it has an impact on many other aspects of our lives.

My dream has been to make this process available and affordable to more people, so they can have this transformative experience with the space around them and their lives as well. So, I’ve lovingly documented my process and am creating my Home Declutter Kit. This is a step-by-step process in a box, with a set of beautifully-illustrated cards and an easy-to-use guide to my tried and tested decluttering process.

I’ve set up a campaign to tell people about the kit and am asking people to #telltwo of their friends and family, so they can sign up for updates and are informed about the launch. This gives people the chance to support my project and pre-order copies of the kit at a discount price. I’d love it if you would join!

Room Therapy

Secondly, I’m also working on publishing my new book, provisionally titled Room Therapy: a collection of stories about the transformative effects of decluttering and some of the moving stories I have encountered in my work. Look out for more on this in the coming months …


And finally, I am also launching some workshops for you to explore some more about your relationship to home and hopefully have a bit of fun and maybe make some friends too! These will be coming in the autumn, so check the workshops section of this site, or sign up to my newsletter. If you are short of cash but would really like to attend the workshops, don’t worry we will be offering bursary places, or email and let me know if you’re interested in attending my pilot weekend.

All of this because I am committed to supporting you to develop an understanding of what your space is communicating to you, finding the ‘you’ that is hidden under the clutter and at the same time liberating you from its burden, releasing the parts you don’t want and stepping into a new phase of your life finding more peace order and harmony.

I would love you to keep in touch. Do comment below or keep letting me know what you need in order to make your house a home and make your life feel more harmonious and fulfilled.

If you are wondering I am still doing designing quiet rooms and we are still running Ministry of Calm, and there will be some exciting things to tell you about that next year.

But, for now …  I hope to see you at my book launch, kit launch or workshop. Keep an eye out for more to come.


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  1. Lynne

    Like this a lot Helen. I def need to get some decluttering in my life!! It affects so much. If everything is messy I can’t think straight, I feel exhausted and then trying to find that important document/invitation etc is so stressful. Look forward to reading a bit more from you X


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