Why The Clutter Shift isn’t right for everyone

Are you thinking about joining The Clutter Shift programme?

Maybe you’re wanting to finally tackle that clutter and you need some expert advice, structure and accountability to get there.

If that’s the case, joining this unique programme will really help.

I’ve helped many cohorts of students with The Clutter Shift now, so I know from experience that it really works for the right people.

But, this programme might NOT be the right fit for you.

I know me saying that might surprise you, after all, shouldn’t I be selling my services to anyone and everyone?

I don’t feel comfortable doing that because the truth is, it is not 100% right for everyone.

The Clutter Shift is only successful when I work with the right people with the right mindset, and this is why I decided to write this article.

Below I’ve broken down the main reasons you might NOT achieve success with your declutter project by joining The Clutter Shift.

  1. You aren’t willing to push yourself.

Clutter can leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. To get through those barriers does take energy and hard work, there is no way round that. (Unless you want to work with me 1:1 to do the hard work for you, of course!).

  1. You don’t have the budget.

The programme costs £1,379. This is the most affordable way ever of working with me. And to make it even more accessible, I offer payment plan, so you can spread your payments over a few months.

Remember that your clutter costs you a lot of time and money, and much more than money, it has a huge impact on your wellbeing.

The investment in yourself, your home and your future, will be a demonstration to yourself that you are taking the issue seriously. And as one participant said:

“Make the investment in yourself. It’s the best thing that I’ve done for myself for decades.”

  1. You’re not able to commit the time for the month.

There are two 90 minutes masterclasses via Zoom each week during the month (Tuesday and Friday evenings) and half a day at the weekend to roll up your sleeves and get into action.

Do not feel you have to attend every session though; we do record them, so if you miss one or two it is easy to watch back and catch up.

It took a while for your clutter to accumulate, so it will take commitment from you to turn things around.

  1. You aren’t ready to look a little deeper into what is behind your clutter problem

This is an intensive process. And I will take you, gently and with compassion, out of your comfort zone. You may discover a few painful truths, but I know that freedom lies on the other side of these realisations.

Once you understand what is really going on beneath the surface, you have the option to make different choices and take more nurturing actions.

However, if it just feels to soon and you prefer to keep things as they are for a while longer, I understand. I will be here when you are ready.

  1. You feel too ashamed to talk about it.

The clutter shift is a group programme where we meet and talk about what are the things that cause you to be stuck with clutter, leaving you struggling to move forward with your project.

The number one piece of feedback we got from participants was that they found participating in a group who struggle with similar things, was liberating, not shaming! Feedback identified that it was because they were able to share feelings in a safe, confidential environment.

Don’t underestimate how having a peer group of fellow travellers that you will meet if you join, you will really support each other to be the change you want in your home.

  1. You have a hoard.

For some people, an excess of stuff goes beyond just clutter. They may have some very complex needs that won’t be right to address in a programme such as this.

Don’t worry though, I have spoken to hundreds of people in depth about their clutter, and with this experience and my training as a psychotherapist, I can identify people who need more specialist psychological support.

I won’t take you on board if I don’t believe I can help you.

What’s next for you?

So, there you have it, those are the main reasons you shouldn’t apply to join The Clutter Shift!

It’s important you understand what they are so you can decide if the programme is the right fit for you.

Although this article might seem a bit blunt, it comes from a place of wanting to help you make the right choice and help you avoid wasting your time and money.

Having read this, if The Clutter Shift still sounds like a good fit for you, why not book a 15-minute call with me to apply to join, or email me to join the waiting list for next time.

During this call, I can get a clear picture of if the programme will be right for you. If it is not, I will let you know and suggest some other ways for you to move forward.


  1. Diane Mortimer

    Hi Helen sorry I can’t do your programme. I suffer from bi polar and have very low mood at the moment. I’m doing decluttering but it has to be when I feel up to doing it. I keep doing a bit at a time and take to charity shop once a fortnight when my support worker can take me in her car. I find that this is all I’m able to do at the moment. Thank-you for your helpful articles.

    • Helen

      Hi Diane. Well done for sticking with it and finding a way to keep moving forward. If there is any way I can support you, please let me know, I understand how challenging mental health issues can be. Best wishes, Helen


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