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Helen Sanderson is a psychotherapist, interior designer and one of the UK’s most well-respected clutter experts, appearing regularly on TV, radio and podcasts. Her book, The Secret Life of Clutter, has been described as ‘a love letter to clarity’.

Helen helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes and live more mindful and meaningful lives. She works with her clients holistically to uncover what their homes reveal about their psyches and what is blocking them from letting go and moving on.

Her ethos is to work with compassion, and to empower people to take positive action to support change. This leads to life-changing shifts, which leave people with a new-found clarity, and homes they love, that love them back.



Helen is speaking at 7 pm UK time  (3 pm NYC) about ‘Secrets for Creating a Clutter Free, Nurturing Home’

Discover how to channel your energy towards achieving your vision of the home that you would really love!

The event runs all weekeend 14-15 May and is free.

Over the two days, you can learn from a wide range of experienced Feng Shui experts, who will offer you valuable tips for transforming your home, your office, and your life.

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