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Helen Sanderson is a psychotherapist, interior designer and one of the UK’s most well-respected clutter experts, appearing regularly on TV, radio and podcasts. Her book, The Secret Life of Clutter, has been described as ‘a love letter to clarity’.

Helen helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes and live more mindful and meaningful lives. She works with her clients holistically to uncover what their homes reveal about their psyches and what is blocking them from letting go and moving on.

Her ethos is to work with compassion, and to empower people to take positive action to support change. This leads to life-changing shifts, which leave people with a new-found clarity, and homes they love, that love them back.



Inspired to clear your clutter and create a beautifully organised, nurturing home, but find something always seems to block you?

As revealed in The Secret Life of Clutter, when you get clear about what’s beneath your clutter it empowers you to create change and make room for your future.

In this online workshop, Helen will share cutting-edge insights from over 15 years’ experience helping people create calm and order from their cluttered homes. Giving you vital insights to understand and clear your personal obstacles to a clutter-free life.


The 7th International Feng Shui Summit will be held online on Saturday & Sunday, 14 and 15 October 2023. I am speaking on Sunday 15th at 4pm UK time, click the button below for more details, including registration for this free event.

am speaking about Making Room For A New Life With Mindful Decluttering.

To invite in the new, you need to make space by letting go of the old and clearing things that no longer serve you.

Join me to discover key obstacles that might be holding you back with your clutter and my top takeaways for changing your attitude towards your home and your self.



I am delighted to have been invited to speak at Ideal Home Show again this year.

I am reminded of the last time I spoke there prior to lockdown and the launch of The Secret Life of Clutter. Quite a bit has changed since then!

I am speaking on 26 March at a couple of times during the day – watch this space for details – so please pop along and say hello if you are at the event.

Use the link below and save 30% on tickets: