Decluttering testimonials and reviews
Decluttering testimonials and reviews

testimonials from decluttering clients

What I find most touching when I work with clients to deal with their clutter and organise their homes are the stories that emerge. I am there to support them in working through the practicalities and the emotions that inevitably surface, so that, at the end of the process, we have created a home that truly nurtures and supports them. But this is rarely a simple, one-way transaction. There are often personal lessons and inspiration for me that come from each of these journeys.

Every client I have worked with has taught me more about life and our homes. There is often a significant and often life-changing shift in the person’s understanding. One that enables them to redefine their relationship with their home and their possessions into one that is more empowering. And this, in turn, allows them to move forward in their life beyond the impasse that their clutter represented. This is very much the essence of my work, and I hope that if we work together , in some small way, I can help you make a similar shift. So you begin to look at your home in a different way, start to comprehend why you might be holding on to certain things, and come to a place of understanding and compassion for yourself.

Here are just a few of the testimonials I have received from people I have worked with. I hope they give you a sense of the depth of the work that I offer, and perhaps an idea of how I may be able to help.

Helen’s amazing gift is to marry the emotional with the practical

“Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t the jobs themselves, but being present with the feelings, that come up when you try to tackle them. Helen’s amazing gift is to be present in that space and marry the emotional with the practical. She powerfully addressed intractable patterns I had lived with for years. And willingly mucked in with the most practical actions too. She really gave me the help I needed and thought I would never find. Wow!”

Karen, Muswell Hill

An investment in my emotional wellbeing

“As a busy, self-employed woman I don’t see Helen as an expense, I see her as a regular investment in my emotional wellbeing. After she helped me create a system for my expenses and invoices, and to archive years worth of tax receipts, I felt like I could think clearly again. I didn’t realise how much mental energy I’d been using feeling stressed and guilty about my clutter. I now invite Helen over on a regular basis – she’s like a personal trainer who is helping me build my organisation muscle”

Sarah, Highgate

Working with Helen helped me regain control of my life

“I was living in mess, chaos and disorder but learnt a whole new way of ordering and structuring my belongings. With Helen’s support and understanding I’ve created a home that is clutter free and one that I actually enjoy living in. I have the understanding and insight to recognise when I’m returning to old habits and remember all Helen’s helpful tips and advice. I couldn’t have done it on my own. Helen worked with me both practically and emotionally to give me control over my environment and my life. By getting rid of the old I have made room for the new, I am now starting an MA course in September!”

Caroline, Muswell Hill

Getting to where I needed to be

“I had recently moved and am a single mum of a three-year-old and one-year-old. I’d got to a point where I just couldn’t reach my end goal. Helen came in and from the very beginning was extremely positive and confident that I was capable of getting to where I needed to be. Helen was such a support during this time and the time spent with her was extremely worthwhile. Helen also provided extensive introductions to help me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Clara, Islington

I’d recommend Helen to anyone

“Thanks to her I have solved a lifelong problem with clutter in six weeks. I now live in an uncluttered flat without too much stuff and all my possessions in designated places. Not only is the place tidy but Helen helped me to develop the habits and routines to keep things tidy. I’d struggled to get organised for decades but I realised at 39 that I couldn’t do it all on my own and needed professional help. I’m enormously grateful to have found Helen. Without her, I believe, a tidy, organised existence would have remained a fantasy for ever.”

Sheldon, Hampstead

A kick start to getting my life in order

“I was swamped with mess, clutter and stuck in procrastination. I feel a million times lighter and now have room in my cupboard and room in my head for a new start. Helen works with patience support and understanding. Fantastic.”

Chris, Finsbury Park

It was like having a new home!

“When I came back after your week’s work, the energy of the whole first floor of the house had changed, due to the change in Mike’s office. The house felt more peaceful, and more energised. Mike seemed to find it easier to focus on things. The availability of physical space gave more mental and emotional space too. I was expecting a change in practical arrangements, but had not anticipated the change in the feeling climate of the house. It was like having a new home! It’s true!’

Gina, partner of client, Crouch End

Helen cleared space in my life for great new things to emerge

“I can highly recommend Helen’s style and approach as really helping to push through resistance around clearing clutter. The work I did with her definitely cleared space in my life for great new things to emerge – and I am sure it will continue!! Thank you Helen!”

Francis, Putney

Decluttering seemed like an impossible task, now it’s a reality

“I honestly don’t think I would have achieved such amazing results without Helen’s support. Only a few months ago decluttering my house seemed like an impossible task and now it’s a reality.  I can finally enjoy my space and my once-cluttered loft room is now a lovely spare study/bedroom!”

Concetta, Gospel Oak

Sometimes we just need someone to give us the extra impetus

“I would recommend Helen to any one who is struggling with their accumulated clutter. Mine was several years in the making and although I periodically had a go myself, it’s far easier to do with expert support. Helen is also very good at space and storage solutions. She moved things around and found new and better homes for them. I can find what I am looking for far more easily now, without searching around in nooks, crannies and under piles of other things. It was a very emotional process to start with, but it got easier. Sometimes we just need someone to give us the extra impetus and support to get things done, and Helen is very good at that being that someone.”

Nina, Stoke Newington

I instantly felt more motivated and energised

“I consider myself to be tidy and organised, but knew I had some areas of clutter growing around the house which made me feel stagnant and blocked. Other daily chores seemed more important and it was easy for me to procrastinate. As soon as I arranged for Helen to visit, I instantly felt more motivated and energised. By the time she came I had already cleared out a huge shed that needed attention. Once she was here, Helen’s calm and supportive process ensured I let go of the things I no longer needed, whilst keeping the things that were precious to me. I might have got round to doing this eventually, but I know deep down I would not have been as thorough as I was with Helen’s support. I now feel lighter and clearer, and my home feels more spacious and organised.”

Danielle, Islington

Helped bring more calm and ease to my life

“I worked with Helen in my home in Stoke Newington for several sessions and found her sensitive, fun  and imaginative. She created some great systems to help bring more calm and ease to my life.”

Elizabeth, Stoke Newington

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