transforming spaces, transforming lives

The shifts and changes that take place in my clients’ homes when we work together, never cease to amaze me.

You won’t find pages of ‘before and after’ photos here, like on some other decluttering websites. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, I offer a premium service and my clients value the respect I give to their privacy. Secondly, the changes that take place are about so much more than the physical.

Don’t get me wrong, the homes are clear, beautifully organised and often barely recognisable when we’ve finished. And it’s not just about having less clutter, I often completely reconfigure the space using my interior design skills. 

But more than anything, it’s the change in feeling, the change in how people relate to their home that is the most powerful shift. And that is something it is impossible to capture in a photograph. That is where my line ‘transforming spaces, transforming lives’ comes from.

So, I leave my clients to speak for themselves and paint a picture of their experience of my declutter intensives.  I hope the words of those I’ve helped offer a perfect recommendation to you.

‘Sometimes the hardest thing isn’t the jobs themselves, but being present with the feelings, that come up when you try to tackle them. Helen’s amazing gift is to be present in that space and marry the emotional with the practical. She powerfully addressed intractable patterns I had lived with for years. And willingly mucked in with the most practical actions too. She really gave me the help I needed and thought I would never find. Wow!’

‘I cannot believe how transformative Helen’s visit was. After 3 days I have what now feel like two new rooms in my house – it has completely changed how I feel about my home and the way I spend time in it, and my ability to ‘manage’ mess. Helen has a really incredible mix of talents that combine emotional support with practical encouragement and a sort of supernatural ability to visually problem-solve that I can only imagine is unique. I can’t wait for Round Two!

‘As a busy, self-employed woman I don’t see Helen as an expense, I see her as a regular investment in my emotional wellbeing. After she helped me create a system for my expenses and invoices, and to archive years worth of tax receipts, I felt like I could think clearly again. I didn’t realise how much mental energy I’d been using feeling stressed and guilty about my clutter. I now invite Helen over on a regular basis – she’s like a personal trainer who is helping me build my organisation muscle.’

‘Thank you Helen – I have spent the morning walking around opening drawers with a smile on my face! Incredible experience and have such respect for how you do this.’

I was swamped with mess, clutter and stuck in procrastination. I feel a million times lighter and now have room in my cupboard and room in my head for a new start. Helen works with patience support and understanding. Fantastic!

the secret life of clutter

Some of the greatest stories of decluttering success are in my book The Secret Life of Clutter. The type of success that is not only about creating space, but also about powerful life changes.

You’ll discover for example: how finding a lost key allowed a grieving man to reconnect to his recently departed wife; how reconfiguring her bedroom furniture helped a woman find love; and the way that getting rid of a sofa brought a family closer together.