When you get clear about why your clutter is holding you back, you can finally let it go and create the home you love.

Free resources

If you are inspired by the stories that you’ve read in The Secret Life of Clutter, and wish to learn more about my processes and perhaps take on some of the exercises I describe, I’ve created a set of free resources.

your house charter

We can all benefit from some rules around the home.

Download the House Charter template, which includes a quick start guide.

This is a process about establishing clarity around maintaining your home so that you can enjoy it.

your clutter score

Stop procrastinating, start clearing

Getting clear about your future home

Does your home hinder you in your life, rather than helping you?

This process will help you get clear about how you want your home to be. So you can create space to live in that supports you to live the life you want.

the secret life of your home

Here is a special guided meditation that will help you listen to what your home has to tell you.

the keys to managing your paperwork

declutter letting go ritual

an Honouring ritual

More tips and free downloads

bonus free ebook

Want to create a beautifully organised, clutter-free home? Download this free ebook to avoid the seven biggest decluttering mistakes people make 

Over the last 15 years I’ve helped hundreds of people create clear and beautifully organised homes. I’ve seen many people create more chaos than they started with. So I thought it would be helpful to share the common mistakes to avoid  and give you the best chance of succeeding and getting the job done.